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Articles, current events and news updates written by, and for, Lasqueti Island residents.

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Tanis has long had a Octoberfest dream and this year she convinced me to help make it come true. Please join us at the Community Hall on Saturday, October 7th for a Lasqueti facsimile of Oktoberfest!

From Our Local Government Representatives - October 2023


Andrew Fall,
qathet Regional Director


Tim Peterson,


Mikaila Lironi,
Island Trustee




An exciting new project is taking shape at LINC, empowering the organization — and the community — towards a stronger engagement with land conservation, stewardship, ecological protection, and its celebration.

Through a grant from the Government of Canada's Community Services Recovery Fund and United Way British Columbia, the project supports adaptation, modernization, innovation and diversification, specifically related to the effects of the covid pandemic, and generally, as we collectively face and respond to a rapidly changing world.


As summer draws to a close, the Judith Fisher Centre stays busy as ever with regular use by the Women's Choir, meditation group, Pia's massage therapy, Daniela's Spanish classes, qRD, Islands Trust, and more! Heading into fall, we have a few special events to share with the community.

At 1pm on October 15th, the Judith Fisher Centre will be showing two short films about Pat Forbes and her family - "Auntie Culture" and "The Royal Eight." Seating is limited, so please contact Sandy Morrison to reserve a spot at / 8560.  Entrance by donation.

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Does anyone know why the McKenzie orchard is called the McKenzie orchard? Elda Mason doesn't mention anyone named McKenzie in her Lasqueti Island History and Memory book, and her daughter Stephanie doesn't remember anyone with that name.

For those who are not familiar with it, it's an old, large commercial orchard partly overgrown by forest across the road from where Grant Road joins Main Road. We learned it was a commercial orchard not only by the number of trees, but because a few years ago a couple of visiting fruit enthusiasts identified at least three surviving Gravenstein trees there.

Image by Rob Laughter

On Saturday November 25, 2023, the 15th Annual Tsk Tsk Revue will entertain with wacky, comedic and provocative acts. To be part of the show, get your act together!

To be witness (and party to) this celebration of sexuality, arrive at 6:30, dressed to express, and enjoy sweets and savouries created by the Lasqueti-eatery (Nico and Benja). Watch the sexy slide show. Get a good seat to experience the most unabashed FUN of the season.


Tickets $20 at the door. Adults only, except wee babes. FMI, stay tuned or try JennyV @ 8601.

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Welcome the winter with Dance and Yoga. Treat yourself to the many benefits movement offers.  Movement is medicine and it’s fun! Adult Classes commence September 25th.


Happy July to the island, here comes the sun, let's have some fun! Well, well, it's time to get out and get busy in that garden or dig your beach towel out of the closet to get ready to go down to the ocean. Summer time is here and we are ready to cook and bake our hearts out for you.

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