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Supporting our diversity of perspectives with positivity leads to reciprocity.

Connected Coast - starting the conversation: Many residents have heard of the Connected Coast fibre optic project, which has a proposed landing site on Lasqueti that could provide an opportunity for “last-mile” connections on-island. First: the community will have a say in whether or not this service rolls out on Lasqueti, and how. No decisions have been finalized, and there are many uncertainties (including availability of grant funding).

To foster informed discussion on this topic, I plan to write over the coming months on various aspects. Some questions to address include:

  • What is the Connected Coast project?

  • What is “last-mile” connection?

  • Who is the Connected Coast (Strathcona Regional District and CityWest)?

  • What would be potential pros and cons of Lasqueti connecting to this service?

  • What might local last-mile service look like on Lasqueti (administratively and physically), and would there be any local influence?

  • What could be the role of the qRD and LIAS?

  • Who would pay for what and how much, including grants?

  • What is the process?

  • When will there be community meetings?


There are likely many more questions. At this point, I would like to make two requests:

  • (a)   Please have patience and be willing to engage in informed, respectful discussion.

  • (b)   Please send me additional questions that you have, and I will try to address them in upcoming articles based on my understanding (or seek to find answers).


Please feel free to contact me. I am honoured to be your regional representative.

Director Andrew Fall, qathet Regional District
Contact Tel: 250-333-8595

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