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Lasqueti Car Share
Image by Jorge Saavedra

The Lasqueti Community Association’s Climate Action Committee is seeking to facilitate more car sharing for Lasquetians. The idea is to use vehicles more efficiently, share costs, and reduce the number of vehicles on the roads and in long term parking.

A while ago the committee collected feedback on peoples’ car-sharing experiences: 1st hand reports of the complications and strategies. Although there is definitely room for more car sharing on Lasqueti, for now the group is focusing on French Creek as it is logistically easier and has a higher adoption potential. Since everyone starts and returns to the same location (French Creek) and often car use is infrequent, we have created a survey to estimate interest in car-sharing. Please fill it out.

Here is the link for an online questionnaire which will take you less than 10 minutes to fill out:

Also, copies are available on the bulletin board of the post office: please drop completed copies in the mail slot. The survey will close November 30.


Thank you!

Shoshanah on behalf of the LCA Climate Action Committee

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