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Dear Community, our little cemetery could use some loving. Thirty-some years ago, a volunteer work party organized by Johnny Osland and Pat Forbes put up a new fence, which now needs some repair and added height if we want to keep the deer out. I feel I must acknowledge that four of that original volunteer group, Pat and Peter Forbes, Johnny Osland and Mike Mundy, now have graves in our cemetery.


Pat Forbes and Peter Forbes (photos by John Osland)

Our beautiful gate has fallen as the posts have rotted. Our Cemetary sign by the late Rand Holmes has come down and needs to be rehung once new posts and the arch from which it hangs are replaced. There are also plans to plant a row of ornamental trees along the back side of the cemetery. We are open to suggestions on this and thinking it would be nice to get the trees planted this spring.

The exciting news is that the Xwe'etay/Lasqueti Archaeology Project lent a hand with equipment and technology and helped us to document and map all the graves in the cemetery. With this map completed, there is a plan to paint a mural of it on the front of the cemetery shed. Sophia Rosenberg and Julia Waldmo have agreed to take on this project. It will be beautiful.

We would love to hear from you if you can put any time or energy into helping us accomplish these goals. If you can't do the work but would like to support our efforts we will gratefully accept cash contributions to a cemetery improvement fund.

Once completing our to-do list, let's celebrate by dancing on our graves.  


From Sheila Ray and Kathy Schultz for the Cemetery Committee

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