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Our cemetery has received some love since last month's report. As a donation, Judy, Michael and Latisha are purchasing a row of evergreen shrubs to plant along the back fence. Seaborne also has plans to plant some ornamental trees and is making the site ready.

Also, thanks to Eric Ruffino and Morgan for getting new posts in and the gate rehung. Sophia and Julia have ordered the plywood and have a lovely vision for the mural, including the cemetery map. Thanks, Chris Delgatty, for the donation of paint to get started.

Much more work is needed, but it all seems more doable now. Big thanks to those who have sent donations to the LCA earmarked for use by our cemetery committee.

If you would like to donate please send to: LCA treasurer c/o Lisa Johnson, Lasqueti Island V0R 2J0

or you can E-transfer:

Please put it for the cemetery. Tax receipt for $25 and up

Thanks to all who have said you are willing to help physically. Stay tuned for a work party coming up to raise the back fence and plant the shrubbery. Please stop and see the spring flowers coming up but be careful of where you step.


Thank you, Stephanie Williams, for sharing this poem her mom wrote.

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The very mud beneath our feet
Was churned by steps long gone before-
Is this the self-same sea
Much churned by gales and summer winds
Refreshed by tides and currents deep
Where bones of men and hearts now sleep
How short our lives a lifetime has gone by
Of hope and pioneering
In our minds's each small success a step ahead
We keep the faith and younger ones shall try


Elda Mason Lasqueti summer 1990

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