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The Climate Action Committee is an LCA subcommittee that aims to help bring forward concrete actions to decrease our carbon emissions on Lasqueti Island.  So far we have focused our efforts on the following projects:

  • a Tip of the week has been published every Friday for over a year now!  There have been some great tips so far, but we'd love more!  Please send your tips to Yves at See for a compendium of all the published tips, it's worth a review!

  • heating/cooking - we've been collaborating with the qRD to develop a brochure about wood burning stoves that is relevant to Lasqueti which we're hoping to distribute next year.  We've also been researching different ways to heat and cook more efficiently, many of the insights from this research have appeared as a tip of the week

  • tool library - in an effort to minimize consumption of tools and equipment only needed occasionally, we've been researching options for a tool sharing system that would work for our island community.  At the craft fair we'll have a few tools on display and a sign up sheet.  What tools would you like to be able to borrow?  Have you got tools you'd be willing to lend out?

  • car share/transportation - We decided to focus first on car sharing on the other side, since logistically it makes more sense.  If you haven't already, please take a few moments to complete the Climate Action Committee's Car Share Survey at   We're hoping to develop a pilot project in the coming year. We also want to encourage ridesharing, carpooling and vehicle sharing here on Lasqueti whenever possible and would love to hear your ideas about how best to do that. At the LCA AGM we proposed that green pass holders that gave up their pass to enter a car share agreement be able to remain at the top of the waitlist, in case the sharing agreement didn't work out.  A motion was passed "THAT the parking committee adopt, on a trial basis, a program for car share policy for 2 people next year." 

  • community engagement/discussion - we're hoping to organize an event sometime this winter to revisit the "Lasqueti Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Plan" that Jen Gobby did for her thesis several years ago (see ) and perhaps other events with speakers, film nights and community discussion.  Please get in touch if you have input or ideas about what you'd like to take part in or help to organize.


The climate crisis is complex, overwhelming and often confusing.  What would you like the Climate Action Committee to be doing to help our community navigate this most pressing issue of our time?  What would help you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to our changing circumstances?  Come see us at the craft fair and share your thoughts and ideas.

Climate Action Committee (Yves, Wendy S, Hilary, Peter J, Marti, Shoshanah, Aigul, Maritza & Julian)

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