Let's Get Baffled!

As you’ve likely seen, there has been an incredible amount of community input and work which has gone into updating our Community Hall.  Thank you everyone!

One of the on-going projects is to cover the new sound baffles with canvas art that has been created by the community.  The process being used is called cyanotype which is a sun-printing process that’s been around since the mid 19th century.  It can be used to make detailed prints from any object that casts a shadow.  Thematic elements that are particularly Lasquetian (flora, car parts, objects etc.) are the focus. It is also an easy and fun process for all ages to participate in.


Sophia Rosenberg, Julia Woldmo, Aigul Kukolj and Alexa Thornton have been working on refining the processes and doing tests with the community and now that the weather is getting better, it’s time to get the panels completed. Sophia’s words capture the essence when she says “The hall is the heart of our community and it has been empty through these covid years. Volunteers have cleaned and painted and built the baffle boxes and now we get to make them beautiful. It’s an opportunity to create something together that will re-energize our gatherings and, hopefully, be the backdrop of our community events for years. The school kids made drawings on acetate that we have transferred to the panels. John Martin has been printing his photo negatives onto panels. People are collecting objects or making designs. I can’t wait to see what we make together.”

Baffle Concept:


Getting there:


How the Canvases are Made:

The process to make a cyanotype is pretty simple - it is a process of placing items on a dry or wet treated canvas, exposing it to the sun and then letting it dry.  When the items are removed, the areas that were covered up remain white and the rest of the canvas that received sun directly turns blue.  Possibilities for printing include plants, leaves and flowers, foam shapes, glass pieces, stencils, stick-on letters, or printed transparency sheets, tools, hardware, wire, feathers, chicken wire, netting and so on.  The flatter an object is, the “cleaner” the lines. The paintbrushes in the 1st image show how they were placed and the 2nd image shows the result after exposure.


How to Get Involved: We invite everyone to get involved and will be conducting printing days throughout May. Check out the Art Studio Calendar or contact any of us for more details. Sophia (rose4sophia@gmail.com) Alexa (alexamthornton@gmail.com)