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Dock Etiquette:

Years ago, Nadine Simpson and I dreamed of making a “Ferry Dock Etiquette” pamphlet for both new and old Lasquetians who use the public ferry docks on both sides of the Straight. Needless to say, we didn’t do it. Does someone want to take this project on? I’ll help but I have no skills in formatting/graphic design. We could gather people’s suggestions and make some some simple illustrations and reminders on how and where and when to park on the docks, how to pack freight on and off the ferry, and how to take your turn. The docks in French Creek and in False Bay can be extremely busy places. Maybe now is the time to write down some of the unwritten rules that help us load and unload in peaceable ways.

These days, with the stress of Covid adding to the stress of coming back and forth on the ferry, some days it seems like we forget we are all living on the same island and that we need to respect each other. When you are impatient to deal with your freight first, try asking yourself; Are you the most important person on the island? Is your time more valuable than everyone else’s time? Hopefully you will answer no. We share the docks, they are public spaces. Check your privilege, slow down, and wait for your turn.

Jenny V

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