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Image by Thom Milkovic

Hello community. Over the years I have “published” the newsletter I have been asked “why don’t you have an editorial section?” Honestly, I do not think a community newsletter is the place for me to voice my thoughts, opinions or beliefs (there are lots of other opportunities I can discuss those on a one-to-one basis). I took on this volunteer “job” believing it entailed collecting what the community wished to share (events, updates from our government representatives and local groups /associations) putting it into a readable format, printing it and then sending it off into the mail; and I have strived to publish the newsletter under those parameters.

Recently I was asked if I would be willing to publish “Letters to the Editor”. I have given this some thought and have decided on a tentative “yes” to this question. BUT I will state I have zero desire to publish any kind of slander, finger pointing, or mudslinging. I also do not wish to publish any kind of controversial content. There are other places that you can use to do that.

That being said, if you have something you wish to say/share to the community, regarding community topics/issues then I will create a “Letter to the Editor” section. Please keep your letter short, on point, and factual (to the best of your ability) and please send it in on time.

I do want to state that I am still hesitant regarding this as I don’t know how much extra work this would entail for me. I already dedicate 3 to 4 – 8-to-12-hour days of my time every month to the Lasqueti Local newsletter. If adding a “Letter to the Editor” section shows to be a benefit to the community I will be happy to give my time to it.

Take care and enjoy the (hopefully soon) warmer days that are coming!

Dianna Maycock, Editor/publisher

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