Parking: A mailer was sent out last month encouraging residents to park at home if they were planning on going away for a long period of time or the whole winter. The response was encouraging! Many of you agreed, several folks moved their vehicles which had been clogging up the hill above the wharf and 5 people volunteered to help anyone who needed a ride after leaving their car at home.

A gas fund was also created to contribute towards volunteers driving costs. Thank you to the family that suggested and started that. Currently there is a $100 balance. If you want to volunteer, simply ask and you can be reimbursed for your costs. In the New Year we are going to follow up on past and present solutions suggested for improving the parking situation further. Passing on our findings to local government is one step and another is simply continuing to remind long term and new residents to please park at home.

Junked Cars Removal: The main barge owner, Bela, has been removing vehicles at no charge from the island. She has requested that the batteries and catalytic converters be left in the vehicles, or she and her team can no longer remove them due to that being the only way her costs of removal can be paid. It's also key that you make sure she is willing to accept vehicles before they are removed and that if there is garbage in them you must remove that first as well as any fluids (I.e., gas tanks/oil etc.).

Previous organizers of junk removal pointed out that the best way for smooth removal is to bring your vehicle down to the barge ramp while she is here. This way the ramp and barge area stay clear and Weldon Road itself avoids congestion which can cause safety issues. Also, if junked cars are left on the ramp, they can be an eyesore to the community and the landowners in the immediate vicinity. Finally, she can reject any vehicles that have had the batteries or catalytic converters removed. The suggestion is for owners themselves to bring cars down while she is here to remove them and not to ask her to drive down island to pick them up. There are other folks you can hire to take your vehicle down there if you are not able to.

We will continue to post on social media and the email list to let the community know when the barge is coming to the island and if Bela is able to take vehicles that day.

Thanks again to everyone in the bay and elsewhere on the island who has taken the time to consider how we can improve on these issues! There is a confidence growing that with continuous gentle reminders, a few changes and regular communication we can keep on making space for each other to navigate or use this part of the island with the same ease as the rest of the island.

Best regards from the False Bay Neighborhood Association

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