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Photo credit: John Martin

For those of you following the removal of wrecks from the island, there was 21 vehicles removed on one of Bela's most recent barge trips. We were also informed there was new space made on to the barge so that can remove larger size trucks in the future. This is great as it means a wider range of wrecks can be taken off island over time. More public notices and details will go out when another removal is scheduled via social media and by email. For removal catalytic converters are preferred to be left intact, batteries left, if possible, with all fluids drained. Check for specifics beforehand please.

In terms of the actual parking, particularly in between False Bay dock, the Post Office and the Barge ramp we have a long way to go as a community to making these spaces usable for the amount of residents that are now living here. Between the end of last year and the first two months of this year there has been more and more days where there is almost NO parking available on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays ( sometimes mid-week and on the weekend as well ). It's worse than it ever has been before. And this is winter.

There are still several rarely or totally unused vehicles (and wrecks) taking up a large amount of this space. Why?

There needs to be more action in leaving space for regular users of the downtown area.  It would be wonderful if anyone who is used to parking there for long periods of time without actually using their vehicle regularly could consider asking for a volunteer to drive you to the ferry. Another option would be to hitchhike with a neighbour and leave their car further from the area. One way to find a helper is by calling Provisions at 250 333 8558. They have a list of folks who can assist in this process. There is also a fund to pay for extra gas if you are driving someone who is involved in this process.

All we are saying is that we are anticipating what may happen as Spring turns into Summer this year. Without extra care and attention put into how we can share kindly it could be more crowded than ever. There is so much space on this island, enough for everyone with plenty to spare. Let's focus on how to improve on this as a community so  we can really enjoy the amenities of downtown and the ferry together!

Sincerely from the False Bay Neighbourhood Association

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