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Hello to the island, it's time to give the community an update from the Lasqueti Lifeline food security project for the 2022-2023 season, the end of June marks the halfway point of this years' service to Lasqueti.

From 2020 until 2023 the project has focused on stocking the passive food donation box called Provide, which is located at the corner of the fence outside of Provisions, holding pay what you can meals and directly giving food to islanders in need. More recently we have started a lunch pick up program for those who could use a little extra. The decrease in a person's ability to be able to purchase certain items due to inflation and price increases as well as supply chain breakdowns is at the top of the list of concerns, now closely followed by the rising cost of housing, all kinds of fuel and other essential goods.

Lasqueti Lifeline's goal is to give as much energy, time and food towards reducing the effect these situations have on our residents. From the beginning we have always focused on empowering the community by making it known that there are options available if you need assistance. Please reach out to contact us on your own behalf or for someone you know that could use help.

At the beginning of last year, we gave an overview of what our goals were this year and emphasized that we would rely on individuals contacting us to fund these goals. To date we have had $7,500 in contributions for 2022 and have spent a total of $10,150 on the services given. The extra $2,650 reflects financial contributions from False Bay Provisions and does not include numerous donations of volunteer time, food and labour from Provisions as well as other community members who have assisted with these services.

From the beginning of 2023 until now there has been a total of $950 in contributions and a total of $4,975 has been spent on the services given. The extra $4,025 was donated by contributions from False Bay Provisions as well as food and goods from community members.

This is a growing collective and has been tremendously effective in its goals to provide extra food security support for the community. Last winter was particularly tough and we plan on preparing for that ahead of time as much as possible. An expansion of our lunch program started this year is in the works for the fall and winter as well as additional extra food to support for individuals and families. With enough support we are planning on serving more frequent dinners again as well. Our goal this summer and fall is to raise $15,000 and we believe that there are more than enough generous donors here to make that happen.

We would like to invite anyone who is interested in donating to the project to contact us to participate. This letter is a simple reminder of that. If you want to help, please contact us through False Bay Provisions at 250 333 8558, send us a letter to the following address: Lasqueti Lifeline care of False Bay Provisions, Lasqueti Island, B.C., VOR 2J0 or come by the cafe in person to discuss how you can help.

The passion for supporting each other here is exceptional. Feeding it forward has become our motto and reflects the giving nature created by our collective actions here on island. Believing in the power of selfless generosity has given us a chance to affect change here in a particularly beautiful way and we are grateful for that. Thank you to the community for giving us the support to make these actions possible.

Have an excellent summer, best wishes from Lasqueti Lifeline & Provide

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