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Free Weekly Lunches

Greetings, Since the beginning of this year, once a week we have been packing up free lunches for those in need on the island. That is continuing this March. Each week the lunch times and menu choices can be found on our local Facebook sites as well as on the email list. You can pick up meals for yourself or for a neighbour at the Provide stand at the end of the fence near False Bay Provisions front gate. Whether you are a single person, couple or family, please help yourself or drop by to pick one up for someone else.


Thank you to the individuals who contacted us to help with the ingredients for the lunches and to the folks who volunteered to assist preparing them in the future. Thank you also to those who provided extra funding to make these lunches possible. This is part of our ongoing food security project launched in the Spring of 2020 and continues to grow to include more services each year.


We give additional special thanks to everyone on the island who has supported any of these services over this time span and on behalf of those who have benefited voice our collective appreciation for the results. All the positive actions from this group have grown over time and it is all due to the strength of the community believing in each other while daring to dream bigger. Every dream realized can continue by sharing a smile, thanks for helping us brighten someone elses day!


have an excellent March, Lasqueti Lifeline & Provide

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