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A Word From Your Editor

Hello Lasqueti Community.

My time as volunteer editor/publisher/printer of the Lasqueti Local newsletter is fast coming to an end. Next month will be my final issue. I have yet to have a *confirmed* replacement for the newsletter so I wish to let the community know that if one does not step up then December 2023 will be the last Lasqueti Local to be published and printed.


I may continue the newsletter website if enough interest is warranted to do so. Since the cost of keeping a website going is minimal ($268.80 for the year) compared to the cost of printing a newsletter (approximately $1920.00 per year) it seems like a viable option.

For the most part I have enjoyed my 5-year stint of volunteer publisher/editor though the “printing” aspect of it has caused me some strife and I am ready to not be tied down to it any longer.

As stated previously if a replacement can not be found I will be prorating and refunding all the advertisers and any funds left over will be donated to the Lasqueti Animal Fund. An organization dear to my heart. Hopefully these extra funds can help those that need it get their cats spayed or neutered.

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me at 778-962-0006 or send an email to


Dianna Maycock

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