Good to Go Kits

Some days I feel like we are slowly getting back to normal and other days I realize that the old normal is gone.  So very much has changed.  Over this past two years many of us have lost loved ones; some were expected and others left far too early.  My 94-year-old father left this realm in October of 2020.  He never was able to face doing anything like a “Good to Go” list for us.   Fortunately I was familiar with the list and kept plugging away and asking questions over the years.  When he died I would have been completely paralyzed had I not been collecting information from him.  My knowledge of the “Gone for Good” checklist made the following days, weeks, and months far more navigable than I ever imagined.  I miss that old coot with all my heart.

Annie Carrithers and I will be offering our workshops again in the coming months.  We will have copies of “Good to Go” and “Gone for Good” available. 

“Good to Go” is a checklist to help you organize information for your survivors.  It is NOT only for old people.  It is for anyone.  With children or not.  It is the most important gift you can leave for those who will be picking up the pieces after you are gone.  Especially if you leave unexpectedly or prematurely. 

“Gone for Good” is a checklist of all that has to be done after a loved one dies, both in the immediate moments and in the days and weeks following. 

We will also be showing the video “New Rules for End of Life Care.”  Folks who have viewed this have been deeply moved and have found it helpful in their own experiences with loved ones who are transitioning out into the universe. Dates will be announced soon.  Please avail yourselves of these useful, caring, and thought-provoking tools.  May you live long and prosper.

Submitted by Terry Theiss