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Hall Building Committee - January 2023 Update

Hello Everyone!   At the beginning of this new year, we are looking forward to continuing with our Strategic Plan for improvements to the Community Hall.

During 2022 the hall’s floor was anchored to the concrete foundation, insulated, and skirted thus completing the first proposal in the Strategic Plan.  In addition, extra insulation was added to the attic to keep more of the warmth in.

For this year the focus will be on improvements to the kitchen.  Suggestions range from better lighting to flooring and all areas in between.  The HBC is preparing a work plan to begin the improvements beginning in the early spring.

We will be looking for volunteer labour, material donations and money to continue along this path.  Stay tuned for your opportunity to contribute.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed during 2022.  The Community Hall has a great new look and vibe.

LCA Hall Building Committee members:  Bruce Grant, Aigul Kukolj, Jodi Ayers, Jenny Vester, Colin Ewan, Daniel Jacobs, Melinda Auerbach.

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