HOUSE INSURANCE – by Peter Johnston

I have been hearing of problems that at least some people have been having to obtain insurance for their Lasqueti houses. Insurance is required if you have a mortgage, and not many of us can afford to buy a house without a mortgage (or at all) these days.

Fire insurance and general liability insurance seem to be most requested and desired, and I imagine that there are other types that some people are interested in. If insurance is available at all, it is usually very expensive.

I'd like to hear your stories of successes and failures in finding insurance, and what you would like. It's possible that some of us have information that would help others, and that by working together we could obtain most, or possible everything, that we desire or need.

I will compile the information I am sent, and will share it, but without identifying anyone, so that we can all become more informed about what's possible. I requested a quote for insuring our house recently, and was told that they wouldn't even consider it until I had passed a WETT inspection, proving that my solid fuel (wood-burning) appliance was safe, as was it's installation and chimney. That's an investment of something like $200, with no guarantee of insurance coverage.

If you have any questions, please email or call me at: or 250-333-8785    Peter