Image by Samuel PASTEUR-FOSSE



Millie, Marq and Mark would like to invite you to celebrate their 50th birthday (in this dimension) at the hall on May 28th 2022 in 3D baby. We are going to party on the Mother Ship. This will be the first dance party inside the hall in 2 years!  Millie has requested that it be an intergalactic disco funk party and that everyone be dressed to the T, minimum 65% polyester. Leave your grubby old work clothes and your baggy earth tones at home and make an effort. Brush or comb your hair, bathe, trim your beard and shave your legs. Let’s see how good you can all look! Really, We want to see! Time to raid the deepest darkest recesses of your parents closet and pull out that baby blue onesie or dust off that old silver 3 piece with the giant lapels you’ve had for 45 years. Bell bottoms with platforms? Space helmet? Sigourney Weaver meets Don Cornelius?   YES PLEASE!!

I’m imagining us all being transported to a place where it’s always 1978 but in another galaxy baby.

Beatfarmer will mix the old with the new and will be at the controls of the funkadelic super groove disco rocket on our journey to the Mothership Connection, Dig!? Are you with me CC?  Come shake off the last 2 years of bad news, funk not only moves it can re-move baby.

Emily will be handing out salty things to keep our equilibriums intact, Aunty Cindy will be providing elixirs to loosen our bodies for the effects of the jump into hyperspace. Jenna is working on a visual time warp portal to another dimension where groove is the only religion baby! Millie and Marq request, no demand, that this be the half century dance party of the century, one that songs will be written about and grandparents will tell stories of, so work on your moves cause you know we are having a line dance baby, it’s gonna be a Sooooooooooouuuuuulllllll Train! 

Come put a glide in your stride and a dip in your hip and get funky, PEEEEE-U!!!   I’ll send out another post closer to the launch date this is to give you time to prepare your outfit.  Prizes for best outfit and best dancers!

This will be a fundraiser for the outdoor kitchen rebuild at the Community Hall.

Boarding starts at 8pm, don’t be late or you’ll miss the ride!!          M&M&M