After much discussion and suggestions from residents there been a public meeting scheduled for Saturday, June 18th at 3 pm at the Community Hall regarding the possible changes and effects to the island from the Islands Trust 2050 Plan.


The date was settled on so everyone who wants to participate will have plenty of time to book it into their calendars and prepare. A reminder will go out in next month's edition of the Local as well as through the email list, social media and through our local mail. A letter on April 15th to our email list after hearing numerous concerns, discussions and have since heard wide spread interest for it to happen. It is clear there is a need for the island to meet as a group to address what the proposed Plan may mean for our future here. If you haven't spent any time examining the 2050 plan you have 7 weeks to read up on it, ask questions from our Trustees and think about what issues may be important to you. Note that our own Island Trustees have been invited to attend to speak and participate in the discussion but that this is a community response meeting, not a formal Islands Trust meeting.


To those who may be busy off island at the time and still want to attend, there are volunteers to transport them via boat weather depending if they can only come for the day. All in attendance will have the opportunity to speak. A panel of islanders as well a chair is being selected based on diversity of perspectives and their ability to give everyone a chance to be heard. Even if you usually decide to avoid meetings try and attend, this is an opportunity to be present as a group to start meeting in person again to allow for clear communication on every level. All islanders are encouraged to participate, whether you are a current fulltime resident, landowner, renter or seasonal resident.


Looking forward to seeing the community come together to ask questions, discuss the possibilities and find answers together, respectfully, Camino