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Ephemeral Tides, Sweet Songs for a Salty World: Joanna Finch is a prolific song-writer whose love for adventure has taken her to many countries and musical genres, making her style undefinable. She refers to her music as "Folk Cabaret,"  which encompasses everything from intimate ballads in English, French and Portuguese to earthy rhythmic chants and hilariously theatrical vaudevillian songs that are sometimes naughty. She began her life as a young poet with a panache for rhyme and rhythm, soaking up the music of the day against a backdrop of opera, early swing jazz, sacred music and Loonie Tunes, which has continued to influence her song writing styles.


She's had the great fortune of performing and recording with some Canadian jazz giants like Miles Black, Jesse Zubot and John Reishman, but in the last ten years during travels to Ecuador, Antigua and China, she's slowly been gaining the confidence to accompany herself on ukulele and piano. For her 2023 Winter tour of the Salish Sea she has chosen songs that have watery themes from home and abroad and she calls the tour, "Ephemeral Tides, Sweet Songs for a Salty World; Stories and Songs that bring us home to each other." Joanna is a fifth generation Vancouver Islander and she is grateful to know and love this land as her ancestral home, in deep reverence for the indigenous families who have lived and loved here for thousands of years.​​

Sensing Bliss Embodied Sound Bath Meditation with Primordial Oohs:


Sensually pleasurable and deeply restorative, a Sensing Bliss Sound Bath with Joanna Finch is a delightful journey from beginning to end. Since infancy Joanna has been fascinated by sound, and has found solace and joy in the playful nature of mimicry, finding music in all objects. As she deepened her study of improvisational jazz and became more aware of how Sound affects healing in the body and spirit,  Joanna has turned her focus to soundscape journeys. This is a form of free improvisation in which the players are the instruments themselves. "They speak, and I listen. I play them in no particular order, and it's always Divine. This is where the alchemy of intention merges with a simple object to create sacred sound."

Using traditional instruments: crystal singing bowls, flutes, drums, strings and chimes, plus found objects that make interesting sounds, Joanna guides her listeners into a story of their own imagination that is dreamy, delightful and refreshing.

A "Sound Bath" is literally "to be bathed in sound." Participants lay or sit in comfortable repose with a blanket and pillow that they bring with them, and close their eyes and breathe, while Joanna settles them into a mindfulness meditation. The elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire form the story line on backing tracks of meditation music Joanna recorded while working as a Ceremonialist and composer in China in 2018. Joanna's live performances are resonnant and unpredictable, inviting the participants to absorb the vibrations and nuances of the flow of music. Joanna always includes all the senses in her Sound Baths and begins with a grounding vocal-yoga practice she calls Primordial Oohs.

Plan for a two hour immersion. Bring water, a journal and pen, a yoga mat or blanket to lay on and a blanket and pillow. Extra comfort items could include eye cover, warm socks and knee support. Following your Sound Journey you may want to write about your experience.

Tickets and Times: Pre purchase $20 tickets for the 7:00 evening concert, and (or) the $30 Sensing Bliss Sound Bath, from 1:00-3:00; or BOTH concert and Sound Bath for $40. via e transfer to Or pay cash at the door. (Sound Bath is limited to 13 people)

Refreshments will be served. BYOB alcoholic libations

Sensing Bliss Embodied Sound Studio at Simply Wild Sanctuary

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