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Image by Nathan Dumlao

Lasqueti Lifeline & Provide Meals start this month: Hello to those of you who have followed, enjoyed the support of or supported our food security projects throughout the years. This is the third year of dedicating time on the island to offering support for those of you who could use more food, whether groceries or meals.

Starting mid-October, we'll be starting up pay what you can meals again as well as packing up complete lunches and dinners to deliver to anyone who could use extra food. You may ask yourself or advocate for another person who you want to bring food to as well. If you know of someone who could really use a substantial amount of food we can also pack a box of staple foods to be brought to them.

We started a quiet fundraising project at the beginning of the summer and now have a starting budget of over $3000 to work with an offer from additional supporters to contribute more later in the year. If you are reading this and have helped out in anyway this year or in previous years we would like to put out a huge thank you for giving us the ability to operate this service. If you want to help now in a financial way you can contact us by mail at Lasqueti Lifeline, c/o False Bay Provisions, Gen Del, VOR 2JO or come into the store and ask to speak with someone about what you can do.

Also, we are looking for contributions of non-perishable food, i.e. unopened canned goods, breads, pastries, dried goods, spices, shelf stable vegetables (squash, onions, garlic, potatoes etc. ), as well as sweet treats or baking supplies that are not prone to spoiling. Our Provide passive food donation box on the fence next to the gate to Provisions will also start up again once we have stock to offer from it.

Last winter these services saw more use than we've ever seen and we are anticipating this year to increase as well. Again, to all the people who live here year-round as well as those who are on the island seasonally, we appreciate your generosity!

Feeding it forward has been our motto for quite a while and serves to remind us how giving assistance to those in need can brighten their day and reflect light into ours as well.

Have a warm and cozy winter, much love and gratitude from the volunteers at Lasqueti Lifeline & Provide

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