Lasqueti Lifeline Food Security Update by
False Bay Provisions:

Last month we went into great detail to explain what we have accomplished via the Lifeline project. Since then, we have had more conversations with David and Laura, who were the original founders of the project. They are going to continue to support the project so we can continue to support those in need. Thank you to those who have already generously contributed this month. 


Last year a total of $13,576 was raised for Lasqueti Lifeline and in May's issue we detailed where it went and how it was spent. This year our goal is to exceed that amount with hopes of doubling it. We plan to accomplish that through direct donations and a series of fundraisers. We are going to follow the same format with the bulk of the money going directly to the Provide passive food bank and direct assistance to individuals, boxes of food to specific individuals and families, 'pay what you can' groceries, and subsidizing meals for those who cannot afford them. This month, the need has been steady and for some, growing bigger. 


The rising of food prices as well as fuel and other costs of living going up are part of that and we anticipate it to continue. The remainder of the funds will go towards the running costs of Provisions as our costs have also risen and our customer base has been greatly reduced as a result of the events caused by the pandemic and all of the effects it has brought on the islands residents, visitors, and its economy. 


You can donate to the Lasqueti Lifeline in the following ways: 

  • send a cheque to False Bay Provisions Inc. at Lasqueti Island, General Delivery, VOR 2JO

  • stop by the store to donate in person, by debit or credit card or by credit card over the phone. 


For those of you who want to help but are not in a position to offer money or simply wish to contribute in a different way we are going to be holding a Goods and Services Auction in July.


An auction list is going to be set up directly on the wall at Provisions to pledge your offering or you can call or email us to add it for you.  The auction itself will be online for everyone's convenience but you will be able to add or bid on items via phone or email too. Everything helps and based on last years donations we are confident that this year's  efforts will be a success as well. We are all so supportive of each other and making these types of miracles happen as a community when needed is always possible.

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