Lasqueti Lifeline/Provide Food Box

Let it be known that we have continued to stock the cupboard in Provide at False Bay and have regularly given or sent food to specific individuals in the community that could use help with their food security. If you know of someone that needs assistance with having enough to eat please contact us at 250 333 8558, come in person, or leave a message at False Bay Provisions. Pre-prepared food is available as well for those that are struggling with being able to cook for themselves. If you know someone who is reluctant to come forward on their own please think about advocating on their behalf and talk to us.

If you have an abundance of food that you are able to share for someone who could use a little more in their kitchen let us know and we will add it to what is already being distributed. We have a  steady need for food contributions and as soon as they come in, they are distributed to the island. Fresh produce, canned, dry goods and spices are all welcome.

Thank you to everyone for your past, present and future support, the  results of this project have been amazing and the effects have been miraculous. We are so grateful to be here to continue dedicate time to feeding it forward for the island. 

With respect and love, Lasqueti Lifeline and Provide