We have several important housekeeping items to communicate to the membership. Anyone who has anything to do with our community hall or the LCA, please read and take note of the updates to our policies and methods of correspondence.

Our beautiful and upgraded community hall is being used again! With the return to regular rentals, we are imminently revising the Hall Use Policy as well as drafting a HUG (Hall Users Guide) to simplify the experience of renting the hall for all involved. Please continue to ensure that the Hall is in even better shape than it was when you arrived to prepare for your event. There are several guidelines posted on the wall to provide direction – please read these and follow them.

For all hall booking inquiries, please contact Sue Wheeler at or 250-333-8785. She will also receive your rental payments.

A note to our amazing volunteers and committees: please make sure your expenses are approved before planning to invoice the LCA. An important part of our existing policy is, in fairness, to offer paying jobs to the public membership before privately hiring someone. We are blessed with a dedicated membership, and there have been many successful volunteer initiatives in this last year or two, including important hall upgrades and grants for community enrichment. Please communicate with our board of directors through our group email at so we can work together to complete necessary paperwork and funding. We manage transactions and applications, communicate with the qRD, Parks Canada, the chain of bureaucracy in French Creek Harbor, our local MP, and work with our local First Responders; there is a lot of time spent behind the scenes to stay on top of housekeeping. We appreciate everyone who has followed through with their commitments and projects, and always welcome new members and volunteers.

To become a member, send $10 to Any donations can also be sent to this address, and yes - we provide tax receipts! You may also send treasury-specific inquiries and messages to this email address. *Please refrain from sending LCA-related letters to our personal email addresses*

Projects currently in the works include:

  •  fencing off the hall grounds

  • building a permanent roof structure over the outdoor stage

  • improving the roof of the generator shed

  • upgrading the sound system now that the hall acoustics have improved

  • installing an Emergency Storage Container near the old generator shed. This will be a shipping container delivered to the Hall containing emergency supplies such as first aid gear, portable work lights, emergency sanitation, and non-perishable food. Additionally, there will be room for storing more items should the community wish to do so. This initiative is in cooperation with the qRD.


We are also seeking applicants for the position of custodian; see our posting of the job description and send us an expression of interest if this opportunity appeals to you. Thank you to our interim custodian Nick Hohol for the energy he contributed to the hall this summer.

See you at our Fall Fair on September 17th!

The LCA Board of Directors

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