Big thanks to Aigul, Bruce G, Wendy S, Kaia, Corey, Danat, Benoit and Mikaila who came out to help insulate the attic space in mid October, as well as Robin for giving us a break on barge fees, all the members of the Hall Building Committee for their ongoing work and Sue Wheeler  who continues to look after hall bookings (call her at 8785 or email sue@lasqueti.ca if you want to rent the hall).  Let's also make a warm welcome to Shari White who has stepped up to take over the hall maintenance person job!  Please be sure to thank her and let her know if you're available to help out in any way.


The LCA executive is working on updating the hall rental rate structure and policies and is in the process of creating a Hall Users Guide (the HUG).  Please send us an email if you have any input you'd like to share.  You can reach everyone on the LCA exec (Emily, Hilary, Colin, LisaJ, JennyV and TimP) when you email lca@lasqueti.ca The main goal of the rental rate update is to simplify the rate structure.  The LCA will continue to keep rental rates as low as possible, but there are expenses to cover and the cost of everything has gone up significantly since the current rates were set.  Do please consider making a donation towards hall improvements (like better sound equipment to go with our awesome new acoustics).  You can e-transfer to lasquetilcatreasurer@gmail.com and we can issue you a charitable tax receipt.  There will also be a donation jar out at Grub&Groove and other big events.  Regular Sunday work parties will start up again on Sunday Nov 13th (drop in anytime between 10 and 3, and/or bring some yummy food to share!) and will include orientations for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of hall systems. The more of us who know how everything works, the better, right?


The LCA is also happy to share that there is once again (finally) a functional LifeStraw water filter at the hall.  In the spirit of having as many people as possible understand hall systems, here's what you need to know about the LifeStraw: Regular use is pretty straightforward - pour tap water (slowly!) into the top (you'll probably want to stand on a chair so you can see what you're doing) and then dispense filtered water from the spigots.  If you pull the big red lever it will make a scary noise and backflush the filter, sending the dirty water out the bottom, into the red jug.  Backflushing only needs to happen once a week or so.  **The filter MUST NOT freeze with water in it or it will crack & break** It will have to be emptied (and the hall plumbing systems drained) when freezing conditions are expected.  Shari will also be emptying it every once in awhile to clean it, so do please add some tap water to the top as needed, but don't feel like you need to totally fill it up (except maybe ahead of really big events like Artsfest).  It actually holds a ton of water when it's totally full and then it takes ages to empty it, and it doesn't take that long for water to travel through the filter like it does with ceramic filters like Berkeys.

After renting the hall, or even just if you happen to stop by in between events, please make sure all electrical stuff is turned off (fans, lights, anything that was plugged in).  There is no meter or shut off timer anymore so the power system is just always on and the generator will autostart when needed.  The cupboards in the kitchen seem to really want to pop open a bit so please make sure they are all fully closed to keep rodents out of the dishes and make sure you wash, dry and PUT AWAY any dishes you use.  Also, the floor needs to be swept and mopped after EVERY hall rental, even if it doesn't seem like it got dirty.

There's a bunch of lost and found stuff on the porch on the way into the cloakroom, please take a look next time you're there to see if any of it's yours, and please don't leave any extra things behind.  The main hall should be pretty much empty when you leave.  Oh yeah, and remember that pot/pan/cup/spatula/table/whatever that you 'borrowed' from the hall?  Could you please bring that back?

Hooray for Our Hall! --Lasqueti Community Association