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LTT - Hazardous Waste: It’s possible you have hazardous waste in your household that you don’t know how to dispose of so it keeps lurking in your shed or cupboards though you wish it wouldn’t!

Waste is hazardous in two ways. Acute characteristics are corrosive, ignitable, infectious, reactive and toxic. It’s considered a chronic hazard if it can harm human health or the environment in a subtle manner over long periods of time.

Types of hazardous waste include batteries, paints, solvents, pesticides, gasoline, oil, and antifreeze, as well as pharmaceuticals.  It’s essential that these products are handled, stored, transported, treated and disposed of properly. This is where Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) comes into play. EPR programs require producers (brand owners, first importers and manufacturers) to take responsibility for the life cycle of products they sell. Meaning they manage or fund the collection, transportation and recycling of the packaging and products they produce. This may be in the form of depots, round up events or return to retail.

Product Care Recycling is an industry-led not-for-profit organization that manages household hazardous waste products across Canada from individuals and businesses. Paints, paint aerosols, solvents, domestic pesticides, flammable liquids and gasoline are collected to be reused, recycled, or used for energy value (except pesticides which are incinerated).

Better quality paints are given away free in Paint Reuse Programs at participating depots. Latex and alkyd paint are reprocessed into paint and coating products. Latex paint is also used as raw material in manufacturing recycled concrete and Portland cement. Alkyd paints, flammable liquids and waste gasoline are used as fuel in licensed facilities with environmental controls.

The nearest depot to Lasqueti that accepts household hazardous waste is Regional Recycling Nanaimo located at 2375 Hayes Road. In order for them to take your waste it must be in the original container with label intact and it can’t be leaking or improperly sealed.


  • Pesticides (liquid, solid or aerosol) maximum container size 10L, must have the Poison Symbol (skull and crossbones), a pest control Product (PCP) number and the word domestic on the label.

  • Flammable liquids or aerosols must have the flammable symbol or the phrase keep away from open spark or flame on the label.

  • Gasoline that is old, stale, or contaminated with oil or water is only accepted in an ULC approved gas container or Jerry can and the container won’t be returned to you at drop off.

  • Acetone, BBQ lighter fluid, liquid camping fuel, flammable degreasers, liquid adhesives, lubricants, fondue fuel, furniture stripper, kerosene, methanol, methyl hydrate, mineral spirits, paint and varnish remover, paint stripper, paint thinner, turpentine, varsol and other flammable solvents.


Not Accepted: anything unidentifiable, unknown, unlabeled, non-original container, leaking, improperly sealed. Ammunition, batteries, corrosives cleaners, cosmetics or beauty products (ie perfumes), drugs, medicines, medical sharps, fertilizer, insect repellents, mercury switches, oil and anti-freeze,

Powder forms of masonry products (cement, grout, mortar, plaster of Paris), swimming pool and hot tub chemicals, or windshield washer fluid.

Please note that batteries, pharmaceuticals and used oil and anti-freeze have their own stewardship programs. You can bring household batteries to the Lasqueti depot as well as used oil and anti-freeze. Pharmaceuticals are accepted by most pharmacies.

I asked Waste Manager Mark what to do with unidentifiable hazardous waste, corrosive cleaners and insect repellents. He suggested the standard recommended practice of pouring them onto kitty litter or sawdust where they will clump up and then sending them to landfill in a sturdy bag. It’s not an appealing option but perhaps better than storing it in your home where it could eventually lead to toxic contamination, fire or poison for the beings around you.

Notes from Waste Manager Mark: Parents, if you’re accompanying your children on the Free Store porch, please clean up the mess they make.

Island Trash Removal: On the second Wednesday of the month, August 9, from 10 am until the barge is full - at the False Bay barge ramp.  Any changes due to weather will be posted on the email list, FB Lasqueti Hotwire, and the Lasqueti website. No construction materials, renovation or demolition waste, prohibited waste, organics, recyclable material or stewardship materials. $7.50 per bag. $37.50 for a truckload. Mattresses and box springs $15 each. Please call Mark is you have any questions about what constitutes acceptable garbage.

Recycling Depot: Fall/Winter Hours  Apr 1st-Sep 30th

  • Mon 10 am – 5 pm, Thursdays 10 am - 5 pm


Closed on Statutory Holidays. All recycling is monitored. Please bring it CLEAN and DRY.

Free Store: Fall/Winter Hours  Apr 1st-Sep 30th

  • Monday 10 am – 2 pm and Thursday 1 - 5 pm


Please respect the signs. Drop donations during open hours so they can be quarantined. Outstanding items only, i.e. clean, usable clothing and household items. Please, NO food, garbage, recycling, TV’s, soft foam, batteries, electrical devices, mattresses or hazardous materials, ie: chemicals, fluorescent light tubes, prescription/non-prescription drugs, or pills in general. There are recycling programs on Vancouver Island for many of these materials.

Recycle BC Website:

Return-It Beverage Depot open 24/7 Front left of Free Store. Open 24/7.


Front left of the Free Store. No refundable glass (beer, wine, hard liquor) bottles, please take these to the nearest Return-It Beverage depot yourself.  Yes to aluminum beer, cider, pop cans, coconut water cans, boxed wine cartons (leave them intact) and tetra juice packs, including (rinsed) milk and milk substitute containers. Please leave the caps on and push the straws in and do not crush containers. Labels can be left on.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions for me and the Let’s Talk Trash team please get in touch! or 8601 and or

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