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You may be wondering what activities the Lasqueti Island Nature Conservancy (LINC) engages in during our dark Winter months on Lasqueti.  Before being on the LINC Board, this was not something I gave a lot of thought to.  Since being on the Board, I have come to realize that these are busy months for LINC. There is the planning for the Spring spurge purges, many of you are familiar with; and, preparation for the AGM and accompanying hike on Saturday, April 22nd.  In addition, there are workshops that can be attended indoors, and the occasional hike for those keen to get outdoors.

LINC has recently put on a workshop making screech-owl boxes.  It was fully attended and enthusiastically received, with requests to repeat the workshop.  The participants could either keep the boxes for their own properties or have LINC place them on the various properties under their stewardship. Note:  the boxes should be installed straight away - see note on LINC website.

Another event was the first annual New Years Day hike, organized by LINC director, Duane West.  A small group of hardy individuals explored the Lasqueti Island Ecological Reserve on a fine winters day.  Apparently, the hike was longer than expected but enjoyed by all.  Where possible, walks are geared to the abilities of the attending participants, as was the case on New Years Day.  On other occasions, such as the Squitty Bay Day last September, two hikes were offered, one for those wishing a shorter and less strenuous hike, the second hike was more robust and longer.  Both were well received and we had many walkers (including families) on each walk.

Another event planned for February 25th (mark your calendars) is a workshop given by renowned coastal ecologist, Dr. Barbara Beasley (  She will be visiting Lasqueti from Ucluelet where she works to protect the habitat of amphibians and other wild creatures.  In her words: “amphibians are cryptic, enigmatic and curious creatures of study.  They’re fascinating - even if your not a wildlife fanatic”.  She will be visiting the Osland Reserve wetlands.  Stay tuned for more details.

Lastly, I am pleased to report that our fundraising efforts over the last 2 months has resulted in our generous supporters raising $9,117.61.  These donations will ensure that conservation remains alive and well on Lasqueti.  Thanks to all who contributed.  It’s not too late to bring the total up to our goal of $10,000.00. Just go to our website ( to find out more, and to enjoy the many articles posted there. Shirley Rogers

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