Welcome to the first edition of the new Lasqueti Island Ratepayer's Association newsletter. It is "new" in that we will no longer be mailing out a paper copy to all property owners on Lasqueti. Somewhat reluctantly we are about to join the digital quagmire of the information age and squeeze ourselves into the confines of your cell phone. By doing so we will expose LIRA to a greater audience of residents who have an interest in Lasqueti but who are not necessarily property owners. Conversely, it will present you the opportunity to address problems and execute solutions through a registered society dedicated to Lasqueti's welfare. In the past LIRA was instrumental in paving False Bay hill and getting the barge ramp built. Today we are involved in an upcoming court case to prevent the privatization of Tucker Bay road. The importance of Tucker Bay is that it is the only harbour on the north side of the island accessible at all tide levels. Historically, it was the site of the first public dock built by the federal government in 1912 used by the Union Steamship Company linking Lasqueti to Vancouver.

History Revisited: In 2001 LIRA conducted a survey concerning issues of the day. In 2019, eighteen years later, the identical questions were asked again.

  1. Should property owners be allowed to rent out a guest cottage? 2001: 70% yes, 25% no. 2019: 90% yes, 10% no.

  2. Should a property owner be allowed to live in his guest cotage while renting out his main residence? 2001: 67% yes, 27% no. 2019: 78% yes, 10% no.

  3. Is the present five-day-a-week ferry schedule satisfactory to your needs? 2001: 64% yes, 29% no. 2019: 69% yes, 29% no.

  4. Would you accept higher ferry fares for a seven day service? 2001: 31% yes, 59% no. 2019: 38% yes, 52% no.

  5. Should the community provide long-term parking for absentee motorists? 2001: 38% yes, 52% no. 2019: 32% yes, 60% no.

  6. If you are an absentee resident and leave your vehicle parked on False Bay bill for long periods, are you willing to pay for long term parking somewhere else? 2001: 36% yes; 17% no. 2019: 33% yes, 10% no.

  7. Would you like to see a paving (or chip sealing) program carried out on an annual basis? 2001: 60% yes, 32% no. 2019: 44% yes, 42% no.

2021 Survey:


Should property owners be allowed to rent out a guest cottage? 78% yes, 9% no, 12% don't care.

Do you think the present five day per week ferry is satisfactory? 58% yes, 38% no, 3% don't care.

Would you accept higher ferry fares for a six or seven day service? 32% yes, 56% no, 11% don't care.

Are you in favour of paving or chip-sealing "kilometre one"? 73% yes, 20% no, 6% don't care.

L.I.R.A. 2022 Annual General Meeting: Will be held on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 Judith Fisher Centre at 1:00 p.m.


Directors: Karl Darwin, Gail Fleming, Craig McFeely, Barry Parks, Eugenie Pelltier, Jan Darwin, Richard Ayers, Kathy Rogers.

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