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Mikaila Lironi

Islands Trustee

Greetings from the Big City, this month, I had the opportunity to attend the Ocean Protections Plan (OPP) forum in Vancouver as a representative of the Islands Trust. The OPP’s aim is to preserve and restore vulnerable marine ecosystems affected by the increase in marine development and shipping. The event included attendees from local governments, First Nations, conservation groups, National Defence, Transport Canada, Coast Guard, BC Parks, ECCC, Trans Mountain, Planners, Port Authorities, Fisheries and Oceans, policy advisors, local clubs, BC Ferries, oil companies, consultants, and researchers to name a few. The two-day conference was jam packed with information sessions and due to the non-hierarchal structure of the event, we were able to speak face to face with any of the attendees. I found myself sitting beside the Senior Vessel of Concern Officer for Fisheries and Oceans. Not only was he dashing in his uniform, but we had a great conversation about vessels at risk (derelicts) and the lack of funding for removal of smaller at risk vessels.

One of the most valuable takeaways is that there is a federal program that compensates organizations and individuals for supplies and damage caused by oil spills from vessels into the ocean and lakes. The OPP was also a great opportunity to connect with the other trustee who attended from North Pender, Aaron Campbell. We’re both on the Regional Planning Committee (RPC) which also had a meeting this month. The RPC’s focus is on housing, liaising with the Trust’s Conservancy and making the Executive Committee aware of issues relating to the RPC. Next month, I’m looking forward to a Trust Council Meeting, as well as our second Local Trust Committee (LTC) of the year. The LTC is an opportunity for members of the community to interact with the Islands Trust. I hope to see you there!


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