Mikaila Lironi

Islands Trustee

Hello Community. I’m still shiny new at being a trustee, but I’ll do my best. My first Trust Counsel in Victoria was a blur of meeting people, networking, learning and planning. What was surprising to me, was how many similar issues the gulf islands share, such as housing and an ageing population. I made many friends, got to know fellow trustees and staff. It was a bit intimidating, but knowing I was there with the support of my community helped considerably. I also want to congratulate Tim Peterson on his election as one of our Vice-Chairs. Tim has been essential in my first few weeks as trustee, and I'm pleased to be working with him for my first term. Our new Chair Tobi Elliot is energetic, knowledgeable and I’m excited to have her as our Local Trustee Chair. I’ve been rereading the Official Community Plan (OCP) and am eager to bringing a final draft of the revised OCP forward for public review.

Thank you everyone for your congratulations and continued support as I step into this new role.

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