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I would like to begin this months health article with a quote from Socrates  “To be uncertain is to be uncomfortable but to be certain is to be ridiculous”.  I think a lot of us are feeling “uncomfortable” these days.

People around the world, have always lived with and will continue to live with uncertainties.  Whether the uncertainties arise in our own private worlds, are from global issues or are a combination of both, all can create varying degrees of discomfort. How we manage this discomfort is important to our general health and wellbeing.  The “discomfort” I am referring to isn’t so much a physical one but a psychological one, although it may manifest in physical symptoms. Unfortunately there is no panacea or “magic cure” as uncertainty is part of existence. What is fortunate however is that we all have the ability to manage our discomfort in our own unique ways. By adapting to new situations and being resourceful by accessing people or activities that can help to decrease our stress levels may in some cases help thwart unwelcomed physical manifestations. Discomfort can in some cases cause us to be overly critical of ourselves and or others.  For me, it helps to focus on what I can do in the present, perhaps even in the moment. Sometimes it isn’t much and I try not to be too critical.

Easing discomfort with understanding and compassion, for our selves as well as others is an ancient remedy…older than Socrates himself.

Best to All, Dianne

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