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The Nursing Clinic located at the Judith Fisher Centre.

Email address:
Nurse: Dianne McClure RN/MN
Cell: 250-240-5712 | Home: 250-752-7419
Clinic phone (during clinic hours): 250-333-8891
Hours: Thursday from 11:00am – 3:00pm 


Dates the Nurse is in the Judith Fisher Health Centre for November:

  • November 9th

  • November 16th

  • November 23rd

  • November 30th

** Covid and Flu Vaccination clinics are on November 24th and 25th

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I would like to address end-of-life care in this article. It is a topic that is often put aside until we are faced with what can be some of the most important decisions of our and,  our loved ones lives.

It is important for an individual and their families to initiate conversations about end –of-life care preferences early, well before the need arises, to ensure that their wishes are understood and respected.  Living wills and advanced care planning can help facilitate this process.

There exists on Lasqueti “living wills” that have been created by a group of individuals who have lived on Lasqueti Island for some time and consequently familiar with some of the unique circumstance of planning and participating in end-of-life care on the island.  Copies of these directives can be found at the Judith Fisher Centre. They are aptly named “Good to Go” and “Gone for Good”. It is important to remember when reading and completing these directives that they can be modified/changed at any point in time. They can also act as guide to assist with initiating what can be for some, difficult conversations that tend to be put off. 

Sharing the wishes outlined in the living will with the individual’s primary care provider is also an important part of end-of-life planning.

What is referred to as “end-of-life care” is often delivered by a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals. This often includes doctors, nurses, social workers, spiritual guide, and volunteers. The plan is individualized with a strong focus on maintaining a person’s comfort and dignity, respecting their wishes and providing emotional support to the individual and their loved ones.

On Lasqueti, volunteers are a crucial part of the support network. Planning can also help volunteers become more familiar with their roles. No end-of-life plan needs to be “set in stone”.  It serves as a guide or directive that can be altered if/when circumstances change.

As it is in living, so it is in dying, dynamic and ever changing, the circle of life continues.

Live well, die well. Blessings, Dianne

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