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The Nursing Clinic located at the Judith Fisher Centre.

Email address:
Nurse: Dianne McClure RN/MN
Cell: 250-240-5712 | Home: 250-752-7419
Clinic phone (during clinic hours): 250-333-8891
Hours: Thursday from 11:00am – 3:00pm 


*Lauren Robinson (BSc. RHIP) will be at the Judith Fisher Centre on the 24th. She will be conducting hearing tests between the hours of 11:00 am and 3:00 pm. To book an appointment with Lauren please call her office directly at (250) 586-7077.

As there will be a hearing testing clinic at the JFC on the 24th of February I thought I would review the three different types of hearing loss that can occur.

  • Sensori-neural hearing loss involves the inner ear, cochlea or the auditory nerve. It usually involves pathology of the inner ear.

  • Conductive hearing loss involves any cause that in some way limits the amount of external sound from gaining access to the inner ear (i.e. ear wax impactation, middle ear fluid or ossicular chain fixation (lack of movement of the small bones of the ear).

  • Mixed loss is a combination of conductive and sensori-neural hearing loss.

Hearing testing can aid in determining what type of hearing loss is occurring, a step towards finding a cause and ultimately perhaps, a solution. Best, Dianne

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