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at Denise’s Studio

Please mark the dates Saturday, April 28th and Friday April 29th in your calendar for  two evenings of dance and live music at Denise’s dance studio. 

THE TRAVEL BUG BLUES  playfully weaves together live music and dance  through different modes of transportation. This entertaining show features Lasqueti dancers and singers accompanied by live music. A homegrown show not to miss!

Choreography by Denise Lieutaghi with dancers Jenny V, Jenna, Bella and Denise. Singing by Emily and Denise with Gregory Shea on vocals and piano.

More details to follow in the next Lasqueti Local.

For more information feel free to contact Denise at 250 240-0457 or

at Denise’s Studio


Welcome the winter with Dance, Bartenieff and Yoga! Treat yourself to the many benefits movement offers.  Movement is medicine and it’s fun! Adult classes commence February 6th.


Modern Dance Mondays 6:00-8:00pm

  • February 6th-April 24th  12 classes cost $180

A blending of Jose Limone and Bill Evans technique (including Bartenieff Fundamentals) and floor barre, this class focuses on developing physical prowess, artistic expression, choreography and somatic technique. A fun work out! Be prepared to sweat!

Vinyasa Yoga Tuesdays 9:00-10:30 am 

  • February 7 th - April 25 - 12 classes cost $180

This energetic flow yoga class offers a series of postures designed to still the mind, invigorate and cleanse the body while drawing awareness to the breath. This practice is designed to increase muscle tone, strength, flexibility, balance and concentration. All levels welcome.

Bartenieff Tuesday’s  12:30 - 2:00 pm

  • February 8th- April 26th  12 classes cost $180


Are you constantly achy and stiff, and suffer from soreness or fatigue?

Try this introductory Somatics class and learn some basic developmental movement patterns and Bartenieff Fundamentals that will help alleviate fatigue, stress in joints, offer ease in movement, increase balance, breath and body-mind awareness. Be prepared to feel grounded, connected, reintegrated and rejuvenated from this work.

Salsa Wednesday’s 6:00-7:30 pm

  • February 8th-April 26th 12 classes cost $180


Salsa is a dance and musical style with Caribbean and African roots and includes a mixture of various rhythms such as Chachacha and Guarachas.  This style of dance is known to be fun and spicy. This is a beginner level class, come with or without a partner and be prepared to have some fun!

YOUTH DANCE: Starting dates for all youth dance classes will be posted in the February issue of the Lasqueti Local.

New Class - Toddler Dance: Wednesday’s 2:30-3:30   ages 2-3

This playful class is an introduction to creative expression through dance, song and rhythm. Toddlers must be accompanied by an adult.

Creative Dance:  Wednesday’s 3:45-4:45  ages  5-6

Dance, song, rhythm, music appreciation and french are taught in this fun filled creative expression class!

Youth Dance Tuesdays  - 4:00 - 5:30 ages 12-14

This lively class blends modern dance , ballet , musical theatre, hip hop improvisation and jazz!

Youth Dance Mondays - 4:00-5:00 ages 8-10

This fun class blends jazz, hip hop, ballet and improvisation.


All classes will be taught by Artistic Director Denise Lieutaghi, BA (Human and Social Development), certified teacher of the Bill Evans Method of Teaching Modern Dance and certified Radiant Health Yoga teacher. For more information and for registration please call Denise at 250 240-0457 or email at

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