Peter Johnston

Islands Trustee

The last scheduled meeting of the current Lasqueti Trust Committee will have been held on August 29. The draft minutes from it will be available when the agenda package for the first LTC meeting of the next term is published, about a week before its current scheduled date, November 28. The agenda package for the August meeting will still be available on the Trust web site, and a recording of the meeting will probably be posted there by the time you read this, or very shortly afterwards.

The Lasqueti Island Local Trust Committee (to give it its full legal name) is a separate, legally constituted body of the Islands Trust, with responsibility for land use planning for Lasqueti and its surrounding islands. It is obligated to comply with the Trust object or mandate (“to preserve and protect …”) and with the Directive policies of the Trust’s Policy Statement, but other than that it is independent and free to follow community wishes, or whatever the wisdom of the two locally elected trustees and the chair (appointed by the chair of the Trust Council from the trustees elected to the Executive Committee) happens to be.  LTC meeting agenda package and meeting recording will be at:


Trust Council’s last meeting of the term is September 20 to 22. Delegations and Public Comment session is Tuesday evening 7 to 9pm, Sept 20. The entire meeting is held electronically.  The agenda package will be posted about September 13, and information about how to listen (by telephone, toll-free) or listen and watch (via the internet) will be posted at:

Trust Council is made up of the 26 trustees elected from the 13 islands (including Bowen Island Municipality) that make up the Islands Trust. They set broad policy and review the activities at meetings held four times each year (with one additional meeting after local elections to orient trustees). The Executive Committee, four trustees elected by Trust council (chair and three vice-chairs) look after Trust Council business between Council meetings, aided by the Chief Administrative Officer and senior staff members.

If anyone has questions or comments, please let one of your trustees know, or all of us and our planner at:

It has been, mostly, a pleasure to serve as one of your trustees for seven of the past ten years.  I will continue to be involved in community and island issues. My term ends on the day that the newly elected trustees are sworn in, probably at the beginning of the November 1 to 3 Trust council meeting to be held in Victoria. Peter

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