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Regional Director

It’s nice to see the trees in bloom. Here are some qRD items that may be of interest:

•        Island Health Vaccination Clinics: Thanks to the nurses and everyone who helped make the clinics run smoothly and available to everyone who wanted to participate. Our nurse Dianne has thanked everyone who helped except one: herself. Dianne has gone way above the call of duty for this and other health-related items to help our community, and deserves a huge (virtual) hug.

•        LIVFD Honourariums: A comprehensive honourarium policy is being developed for all qRD Volunteer Fire Departments. Recruitment and retention is one of the largest issues facing volunteer fire departments, including LIVFD, and there is no single, simple solution. Honourariums are one way for a community to support volunteer members, and also to help members offset the direct and indirect costs of being in the department. One goal of this policy is to aim for transparent and fair allocation of honourariums. This project is aligned with the goal of the petition by our MP Gord Johns to increase the tax credit for volunteer fire department members and search and rescue volunteers.

•        Regional Fires Services Assistant: The Board has created a Regional Fire Services Administrative Assistant position to assist the four regional volunteer fire departments with administrative responsibilities, and hopefully reduce some of the burden of reporting and other paperwork.

•        Resource Recovery Centre in Powell River: Although not likely to affect Lasqueti, I want to share a recent success story regarding a project to rehabilitate an old landfill into a Resource Recovery Centre. One major challenge has been to deal with a large amount of incinerator ash, which has now been piled and covered. The first design to filter stormwater runoff was an engineered solution with pipes and a settling pond. Mike Wall, Manager of Asset Management, led a teal of local professionals that came up with an alternative “natural asset management” solution that was centred on preserving about ½ hectare of forest (over an acre) based on calculations that the forest had sufficient capacity to filter the runoff water. Not only did this protect some forest, but it reduced the cost from $850,000 to an estimated $150,000 (saving approximately $700,000). Videos and other information on the project are available on the qRD web site ( under current projects.

Please feel free to contact me. I am honoured to be your regional representative.

Director Andrew Fall, qathet Regional District

Contact: Tel: 250-333-8595


Peter Johnston

Islands Trustee

Trust Council will be meeting electronically June 8 through 10. The meeting schedule and agenda has not yet been announced. The agenda package will be available near the end of May or beginning of June. If you would like a preview of what the schedule and agenda package might look like, check out the agenda package for the May 26 Executive Committee meeting, which has draft/tentative agenda items and schedule beginning on  page 22.

Lasqueti Trust Committee electronic meeting is scheduled for June 21, starting at 9:30. Details and agenda package will be posted about ten days before the meeting.

The Official Community Plan revision project Staff Report from our April meeting includes each suggested change from members of the public, along with staff comments and recommended actions. Many of the public comments were flagged by staff for consideration by the LTC. I presume that we will be giving them consideration at this meeting, as we are required to meet only in public. The staff report will be part of the agenda package, but you can access it now at:

Click on 2. Staff Reports.  It’s the last report, 2021-04-26

It’ll be one of the longest days of the year, unrelated to the meeting. The LTC has received 59 emails from community members supporting fuel sales and farm/feed sales on Lasqueti, being safe, convenient and wanted by the community, and requesting that LTC not proceed with enforcement. Most were from individuals; a handful were from a household or couple. I understand that Bylaw Compliance and Enforcement have reached an agreement with the owners, and that the businesses will continue to operate.

It’s pretty clear that the community will need to do a bunch of work to reconcile what we want to permit residents be able to do with what our Land Use Bylaw says. This is particularly obvious in commercial and industrial uses, and we might want to consider some possible limits to home enterprises.  I’ll be asking at our LTC meeting if there is anything we can do soon, or if the whole situation needs to be addressed in a LUB revision, after we’ve finished our OCP revision. This is very likely to be the focus task for the next term, beginning fall of 2022.

On a related note, our fees for rezoning applications are already high, especially when we consider how few customers might be served by a commercial or industrial enterprise. Our community will have to carefully consider the Trusts Council’s forthcoming request that we increase our application fees to recover more of the costs of processing applications.

Finally, I’ve been told by several people that I should find and promote someone to continue in my place as one of our locally elected trustees. I will not be doing this. I will continue to suggest and request that each of you consider who you think might make a good trustee, and encourage that person to run in the local government elections in the early fall of 2022. I’d be very happy to have a number of candidates for people to choose from.  I’m glad to provide information and advice, especially if I’m asked.

Thanks for your involvement in our community.




Islands Trustee

Greetings all. Nothing new to report on the Local Trust Committee, since we have not met since the April meeting.

Trust Council will be meeting electronically June 8-10.  One of the important items to be discussed is the Application Processing Services Policy and Model Fees Bylaw, which will be seeking to have Local Trust Committees change their fee structures to come closer to a cost recovery model. Presently, taxpayers as a whole subsidize much of the actual cost of applications from individuals and businesses. There likely be a Special Meeting of Trust Council in July to review the draft of the updated Policy Statement.

Our next LTC meeting is June 21st, when we will be receiving an updated version of the OCP for possible further amendment and consideration of Second Reading. Unfortunately, we are still having to meet electronically, but please consider participating if you are able to.

As always, feel free to contact your Trustees with your questions, comments, or concerns.

Tim Peterson


Islands Trust Contact Information:

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