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Dear Lasqueti, Thank you SO much to the community for showing up for this event! ❤️ The weather was perfect, there was a beautiful vibe in the air and everyone said they really enjoyed themselves. Families, couples, and children alike were making the most of the incredible weather.

First, thank you to our amazing musical performers...  Bev Finch & Bruce, Beatfarmer, Grover, Merrick, Darlene, Dan, Steven as well as Amanda. Let's appreciate how much time our local musicians put into these events. While the actual performances may be anywhere from an hour to an evening, the preparation can be much longer once you factor in practicing, getting to the event, setting the gear up and then packing it away once it's over. Often when everyone else has already gone home or are just chilling out. You know who you are and one final round of applause for putting energy into this performance is well deserved.

Second, let's give a big hand to Chris for being stellar on the BBQ. You rocked it man! Katy for lending us the pool and as well as pumping it up, we seriously appreciate you making this all come together. Adam Enright for picking us up the slip and slide, boy oh boy those things are awesome! And a massive thank you to Dianna for her wonderful poster, we will be saving a copy of that for the archives.

Another massive thank you to the cooks and bakers preparing earlier in the week as well as on Friday, all the fine folks who helped deliver the supplies needed for the event and to the servers for putting out the food. These parties are a mark of appreciation for you supporting us in our mission to run this cooperative ever-growing group for the island. It was time to celebrate turning 8 and we did not hesitate, what a party!

We have really relished the opportunity to serve the island all these years, thank you again so much, it's been an amazing privilege and we are super grateful. ❤️

Looking forward to another excellent summer here, always our absolute best, False Bay Provisions

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