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July News from Provisions

Hi everyone, the Summer is in full swing and it's time to enjoy the sunshine. Here is our news for the beginning of summer; after quite a chilly and wet Spring the island is busier than ever. With more and more folks moving here we are seeing new faces and getting to know each other. The energy is vibrant and everywhere you look there is something exciting going on!

Pizza Nights, Special Events, Daily Service & Opening Hours: This summer you can expect a variety of surprise events! Rather than have weekly or monthly ones planned we are going to announce each event shortly before the date. Pizza Nights are in the works, watch for postings to let you know when the oven is fired up! Every day you can expect new menu items with an emphasis on seasonal and local during the summer. Feel free to call ahead anytime to check what is on our daily menu. In July, our hours will be extended and we will post those very soon.

Returning to Plate wear and Cutlery to Dine In/ Take out cups, containers and shopping bags: Last month we quietly returned to serving food and beverages on ceramic plates, bowls, mugs with cutlery. We appreciate your patience while we waited for the right time to return to using these items to serve you. You can bring in your own mug for coffee or tea and are also encouraged to bring in your own container for take away food.

We will still provide takeout containers, cups and bags for food on the go. Please do your best to compost, reuse and recycle these items whenever possible. Plastic bags are going to be completely phased out soon. Please try to remember to bring your own reusable shopping bag for purchases.

Our shopping bags and all of our cutlery are currently compostable it is likely they are also going to be removed from service soon. A great way to handle this is to have a set of reusable cutlery, a Tupperware container and or a travel mug in your vehicle when you come in to eat or drink. Reducing the waste (even if it is compostable) is a mission that we are keen on encouraging. Having a smaller footprint on the island is a goal we can all get behind.

False Bay School “Make A Wish Come True” Project - Bursaries for Intermediate Students: Back in February we added a new part to our bookstore program at Provisions for the school. This past month we met with the students and invited them to write short essays explaining what items that they could use help purchasing specifically for school use. Part of the funds raised from book sales will be used for the bursary and the remaining funds are still dedicated to buy books for the False Bay School library at the beginning of next year as well. Thank you again to Petra for allowing us to find a new way to get students involved with the project.

Three students are going to be picked at random from the entries and each receive funds towards an item such as a new bike, musical instruments, sportswear or equipment, learning tools such as a laptop or art supplies. The remainder of the essays submitted are going to be on display on the wall in the store where the book shelves are at Provisions for you to see. New books for sale are being stocked right now for purchase! 100% of the book sales go to fund the bursaries and new school book purchases. You are invited to come by and visit us to browse the current offerings at the bookstore next time you are looking for something to read. If you are downsizing your library or making space for new books at home, please consider donating books to the bookstore. We are looking for books on flora, fauna, books about Canada or B.C., titles focusing on the Gulf Islands or the West Coast, compilations of short stories, travel books, historical fiction, nonfiction, manuals and how to books and children's books. Ideally, they are in good condition with minimal wear or new. Thank you to all the passionate readers who have supported the bookstore, we hope you approve of the possibilities this will bring to the students on the island.

Inflation and Supply Shortages: We have all been affected by the increasing price of goods, fuel, transportation and food as well as other services. Goods and groceries are not always available and we do our best to try and find substitutions if possible.  Our prices have changed very slowly over the years and we have done our absolute best to keep increases as minimal as possible. We are grateful to you for understanding that this is necessary to offer all the services we have.

Art and Craft Showings Available: At the beginning of July, there will be new art from local artists on display. We encourage those of you who wish to show your art to a wider audience to drop by or call to discuss how we can feature your work on our walls or shelves. Share your inspiration with us and we can find a place for it to shine!

Have a terrific summer! Looking forward to greeting you with a smile when you arrive, False Bay Provisions


False Bay Provisions