Sandra McCormick

Regional Director Texada Island

Dear fellow islanders:

I’m writing to you from neighboring Texada Island about a concern we have as you continue to discuss options for your emergency dispatch service. Like most islanders, we on Texada are proudly independent and cherish the natural environment we call home.

First and foremost, we on Texada respect the right of Lasqueti Islanders to determine the course of action which best meets the needs and values of your community. However, you should know that one of your choices for emergency dispatch, North Island 911 Corporation, could significantly and negatively impact Texada and ignores provisions of our recently-updated Official Community Plan (OCP).

To provide emergency dispatch service to Lasqueti, North Island 911 proposes locating its transmission tower on a popular Texada recreation site, Mount Davies. This is a well-used hiking destination for people with a variety of ability levels and is treasured by Texadans for its pristine wilderness and beautiful views.

Our OCP includes a map showing our community’s vision for areas we’d like to protect (map 3). It identifies areas of special importance, including Mount Davies, which is noted as a “proposed area of interest for protection.” Related to this, resource policy 2.3.7(i) “discourages the siting of wireless telecommunications facilities within existing or proposed protected areas identified on map 3.”

Yet, North Island 911 persists in proposing Mount Davies as the site for its transmission tower, should its service be selected by Lasqueti. The corporation has either not read our OCP, or they’ve chosen to ignore it.

I’m alerting you to this issue so that if you do opt for North Island 911 you will ask for a change in the transmission tower location as a condition of approval. Your consideration of this request as you move toward is greatly appreciated.

In closing, thank you to director Andrew Fall for encouraging me to share these thoughts with you. Andrew has worked tirelessly to ensure Lasqueti isn’t forced into cookie-cutter solutions based on the priorities of others. For that, he has earned my utmost respect.

Sandy McCormick Area D director (Texada Island)
qathet Regional District