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The Duplex is complete!

Thursday, July 21st was a big day at the Last Resort: two new occupants began moving their belongings into two immaculately finished, fully COMPLETE units in the Duplex.  A collective sigh of relief was breathed by the core Building Committee members and volunteers, each of whom has devoted a huge chunk of life energy to this project for the past few years.  No fanfare of trumpets, no bottles of champagne were broken over the prow of the building, just some quietly happy faces as the residents and their helpers began to make these rooms into homes.


Work has not completely stopped at the site; external clean up and landscaping will continue.  But for several exceptionally dedicated volunteers, this marks the successful resolution of a seemingly endless series of projects to manage, problems to solve, metaphorical fires to put out and budgets to balance.  Not to mention the hundreds of phone calls to make, group emails to reply-all, cookies to bake for volunteers, and floors to sweep at the weary end of another day of construction!  There were the inevitable last-minute wrenches thrown into the works (Don D. deserves a bow for jumping in to finagle a permit and a willing gasfitter with a boat) – but the team held together.  Each leveraged their considerable strengths to balance the big picture with the minute details, until it all came together.

Our hats are off to these heroic core organizers, including Wendy B., Doane G., Shirley R.,  Ray L., Gwen B., and Victor D.  They have been supported by a wonderfully generous raft of skilled local volunteers (too many to thank, but you know who you are) and donors who opened their wallets with true community spirit, and the faith that we could and would accomplish this goal.  It’s been inspiring to watch it happen!  Everything done to the highest standard, meeting all code specifications, and with an eye to beauty and craftsperson-ship of course, because these were Lasquetian workers.

Congratulations, WELL DONE to all of you who contributed!  And the warmest welcome to the incoming residents, may your new homes be filled with the spirit of love and teamwork which created them.

Robin Jacobs, outgoing Administrator
Lasqueti Last Resort Society

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