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Finishing the Elder Duplex — we CAN do it, thanks to you!


Only 2 weeks remain in our window of matching opportunity — let’s pass our $35K milestone before our June 15th deadline.  All donations doubled!  To all of you who have contributed thus far, we are so grateful.  It's so great to see a combination of long-term familiar faces, people who grew up here and moved away but still feel closely connected, and enthusiastic newcomers who have embraced the community goals, all pitching in to build this housing.  Thanks to you, we are now within $5000 of our original goal.  Wow!! 


Thanks to you we may be able to finish these homes this year.  But construction costs are rising fast, and we still need help to reach our target.  If we exceed our goal, all remaining donations will be saved in a fund to build the next elder cottage.  The vision is for an energy-efficient neighbourhood of several independent dwellings, spaced around the beautiful garden maintained by Wendy S., Rena, and many other volunteers.  

Here’s how you can help us make the vision a reality:

  • E-transfer to healthcentre@lasqueti.ca — if possible, send a separate email giving your security question answer, including capitalization.  Include your mailing address so we can send your tax receipt and our gratitude.

  • Cheques can be written to: Lasqueti Last Resort Society, and dropped in the mail to: LLRS, Lasqueti BC, V0R2J0

  • Credit cards and PayPal can be used on our website: judithfishercentre.com.  Just click the yellow “DONATE” button.

  • To donate in memory of, or in tribute to a loved one, note this on your donation, or email healthcentre@lasqueti.ca for details.

Every dollar donated to this campaign goes directly to pay for building materials, fixtures, local tradespeople and machine work.  The management of the project is 100% volunteer, thanks to our expert and dedicated Building Committee.  Shirley, Wendy, Doane, Ray, Vic, Tom, and Gwen have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, analyzing every detail and stage with an eye to keeping costs low while ensuring a well-built, lasting, liveable result.  When possible, they have arranged donated skilled labour as well.


This duplex will serve a long succession of Lasqueti elders, including those who are young now, but will have their turn as elders in good time.  Coming together to build this housing, we invest together in Lasqueti’s future.  We want to provide a soft landing for those who need it.  The Lasquetians on our waiting list need that place to land now, so let’s finish this building and move them in!


Maintenance and COVID updates:


As springtime warms up at the Last Resort, the wood-fired boiler has been shut down for the season and our firewood for next year is being split and stacked.  In this season, our maintenance employees no longer have to come in every day to ensure the buildings stay warm, and have transitioned to a sparser summer schedule focusing on preventative maintenance and tending to the buildings and grounds.  We are fortunate to have the skills of Gabe D., James C., and Peter S. all joining us in some capacity to keep everything in good working order, in addition to Bob K. who is taking a well-deserved summer off.  


If you were vaccinated during the COVID-19 whole-community vaccination clinics at the JFC (or if you missed that opportunity but want the shots), please make sure to REGISTER with Island Health by signing up at GetVaccinated.gov.bc.ca or calling 1-833-838-2323.  If you don’t register, you may not be contacted for a second appointment in the next whole-community clinic.  Two doses of the vaccine are required to be considered fully vaccinated.


We are also pleased that our new contract with Island Health includes increased funding for cleaning of the health centre, so we can stay current with COVID-19 protocols thanks to the excellent care of Kathie G.  If you are coming to see the nurse and forget your mask, we have extras available in the waiting room.   Nurse Dianne is still requesting everyone call ahead for an appointment when possible (250-240-5712), so we can follow our COVID safety plan and get everyone in and out of the clinic without congestion.

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