January 29, 2022: Temporary Post Office at the JFC    

A short-term space for us to send and receive mail at our Health Centre?  Yes, it looks like it is going to happen.

In mid-January, the Last Resort board was approached about housing a temporary post office, to offer full mail service on Lasqueti until normal operations can return.  As of this writing, a lease agreement is ready for signing, and Canada Post will start preparing the space to begin operations possibly as soon as early February – but that’s up to CPC.  

The room proposed for the post office has an exterior entrance, so postal customers and employees won’t have to enter the main part of the JFC.  It will be secure, with a locked door between the postal room and the health centre.  We have been told this will be a full-service post office where you can buy stamps, send packages, and pick up “general delivery” mail.

The proposal was introduced to LLRS by Darcy Pascall, who recently agreed to become an LLRS director to oversee its maintenance operation.  As Darcy also works with Canada Post, he recused himself from the negotiating process, and was not present for the final discussion and vote on the proposal, to avoid any conflict of interest.  In this case, we are confident that any dual roles have not affected the board’s decision to approve the contract.

Director Don Dempster volunteered to lead the negotiations with CPC, with the board’s thanks.  Don has been the sole contact with CPC on behalf of LLRS.  The lease will commit LLRS to up to 12 months, though CPC can shorten that term with 30-days notice, when circumstances change.  In other words: no one knows exactly how long this will last, but we have no obligation beyond a year, and are not looking to make this a long-term arrangement.

LLRS directors want to express support and gratitude to all Lasqueti postal workers, both those currently working and those placed on leave.  This has been such a difficult time for everyone involved.

Gratitude is also due to our nurse Dianne, who has been very kind and helpful in her willingness to temporarily give up her administrative office, as it is the most suitable location for the postal operation.  She has moved her files into her treatment room for the time being.  We are all so lucky to have Dianne here!

Thanks to all who sent their feedback to LLRS in response to the proposal.  A couple of concerns were raised which informed the discussions and helped the directors think everything through as fully as possible.  The great majority of messages received were enthusiastic about going forward to make this happen.  Several people pointed out that for many Lasquetians, postal service is a health-related issue: concerns about unnecessary exposure via ferry travel to pick up mail, and difficulty receiving medical supplies and notifications were both mentioned more than once.

In addition to supporting health and wellness, one of the guiding purposes of the JFC is to offer useful space for the community to use as needed.  In this case, the directors are glad to accommodate a service which fills a short-term need affecting almost all Lasquetians directly.

Next Directors’ Meeting
The next meeting of the Last Resort Board of Directors is scheduled for Tuesday February 8th at 1:00 PM.  
Please email healthcentre@lasqueti.ca if you would like to address the board, or place an item on the agenda.

Anyone with concerns or questions about the interim post office can email healthcentre@lasqueti.ca, or call the LLRS office at 250-333-8891.  Leave a voicemail and your call will be returned during open hours, Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-3.


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