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If you love Jenny V and Mark B, you’re invited to celebrate our love for each other at the Lasqueti Community Hall, Saturday March 18th, 2023. Dress yourself in green (for the heart chakra, for Spring, for luck) and come to the Hall around 4. We’ll circle up at 4:20 ish for an untraditional wedding ceremony.

Please bring something to share for the potluck feast to follow.

If you want a moment on stage after dinner to entertain us with a song, dance, or an illustration of some weird talent that will make us laugh, please get in touch with emcee Denise Lieutaghi (240-0457) and she’ll slot you in. Keep it short and make it good otherwise Mark might yell TOO LONG or he’ll pretend to hit a GONG! Afterwards we’ll dance to a playlist of our favourite songs (there will be lots of disco).

Please no physical gifts but we’ll accept money for our honeymoon fund.

If you want to help, we’ll need drivers for moving our guests to and from False Bay, as well as kitchen helpers (only until the food part is over and the dishes are done) and then clean up late Sunday morning. Get in touch with me and I’ll direct you to where your help will fit best. Thanks for being such an awesome community, we are looking forward to bringing our families, friends and neighbours together for this big fun party!!

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