Tim Peterson

Islands Trustee

At the final meeting of the Local Trust committee, August 29th, we opted to put the OCP Project on hold until after the election, October 15. We have several referrals requested of the Area Planning Commission about the OCP but were unable to appoint a new APC due to a lack of people expressing interest. The APC serves an important advisory role to our local government, so please consider putting in an expression of interest when the next request comes out, likely in October’s paper.

If you’d like to know more about the APC, please ask Peter, me, or any former Trustee or APC member. We also requested staff to prepare amendments to the Meeting Procedures Bylaw for review at the next meeting and heard an update from our Senior Freshwater Specialist.

The next meeting is November 28, following the election in October. I’ll be skipping Trustee notes for October while the election period is open, but if re-elected I’ll resume reporting then. In the meanwhile, get out and talk to your local candidates, and be sure to vote in October. And please consider joining the APC!

Thank you for all of your support during this term as your Trustee.

Tim Peterson

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