Tim Peterson

Islands Trustee

Greetings all. Nothing new to report on the Local Trust Committee, since we have not met since the April meeting.

Trust Council will be meeting electronically June 8-10.  One of the important items to be discussed is the Application Processing Services Policy and Model Fees Bylaw, which will be seeking to have Local Trust Committees change their fee structures to come closer to a cost recovery model. Presently, taxpayers as a whole subsidize much of the actual cost of applications from individuals and businesses. There likely be a Special Meeting of Trust Council in July to review the draft of the updated Policy Statement.

Our next LTC meeting is June 21st, when we will be receiving an updated version of the OCP for possible further amendment and consideration of Second Reading. Unfortunately, we are still having to meet electronically, but please consider participating if you are able to.

As always, feel free to contact your Trustees with your questions, comments, or concerns.

Tim Peterson

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