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Tim Peterson

Islands Trustee

Greetings all. We held our first Local Trust Committee meeting of the new term on January 23rd. We heard from Director Fall about the qRD's Flood Risk Mapping project and discussed how the data might be made available to the LTC for consideration of potential shoreline projects in the future. In response to concerns from a member of the public about land line service problems with Telus, we also discussed a letter to Telus from the LTC with suggestions about how best to address those concerns, and consideration of contacting our Federal representatives as part of that process. Also in response to concerns from public attendees, the LTC formally requested staff to clarify our responsibilities to provide accommodation for persons with disabilities at our meetings.

In our review of our work plan, we reaffirmed our commitment to prioritizing completion of our Official Community Plan review, to be followed by a review of our Land Use Bylaw. There was discussion about amending the subdivision lot size as a discrete project, but after clarifying that it would require shelving the OCP review to do so, we added lot size amendment to the OCP project.

On the Trust Council front, all the committees have now had their first meeting of the new term. The March meeting of Trust council will focus on the 2023-24 budget deliberations, as well as a discussion on bylaw enforcement across the Trust Area. Council and Committee meetings may be attended by the public, so look at the Islands Trust website for dates and information on how you can attend.

Our next local meeting will be March 20 at the JFC. Please consider attending if you can. And, as always, feel free to contact your trustees with your questions, comments, or concerns.

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