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For almost fifteen years (minus the pandemic strangeness) the dark, stormy and wet month of November has offered a fertile time for imaginative adult Lasquetians wanting to playfully celebrate healthy, inclusive and diverse sexuality at a naughty little local show called the Tsk Tsk Revue. 

If you have a sense of humour, you are invited to the Tsk Tsk Revue, An Evening of Titillating Variety, on November 25th, 2023. Dress to express and/or impress and head to the Community Hall where $20 will get you through the doors which open at 6:30. Mingle! Watch the sexy slide show! Buy tickets for the chocolate love organ raffle! Sample tasty sweets and savouries made by Nico and Benja’s Lasqu-eatery. Feel the building tension! Showtime is at 8pm. Expect the unexpected but also look forward to dancing, singing, skits, stand-up and who knows what else!

For those of you new to the Tsk Tsk Revue, here’s a tiny bit of the back story. The show had its first ever run on Lasqueti in 2007. From the early rough and ready performances to crackerjack acts taken on two Gulf Island tours, it’s been an adventuresome ride.

Over the years, I estimate at least fifty different Lasquetians have taken their turn on the stage to titillate and entertain. Some have been one timers and others keep coming back. The creativity that comes forward year after year inspires the next batch of performers to keep upping the ante.

All to say, everyone is welcome to conceive of an act and then bring it! If you’ve had an idea and have always wanted to make it come true, then bring it! If you are seasoned and already practicing, bring it! Make your sassy, rollicking, provocative, edgy, educational, perverse, and funny dreams come true. Don’t be afraid to share! The audience packs the Community Hall to eat it up.

For More Info, or to sign up for the line-up, or to volunteer: or 250 240 7288

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